Third Day!

1)  Plenary Sessions
Basically, today's plenary session talked about 3D Printing. It has advanced to Singapore and many other countries. In NTU, there is a school which actually specialises in it, which is pretty cool! Other than that, the lecturer then talked about how 3D Printing could be classified and what it could do.

Some learning points that we have gotten during the talk: 
1) 3D Printing is rather advanced and surpasses the usual 2D Printing by a huge amount and is able to print almost anything, from clothes to food and even parts of a machine. This is beneficial to society as one day, if we do go to war, we will be able to print the weapons needed easily, as well as when we need the parts for an important machine. 
2) 3D Printing has come a long way. Their goal is to actually print an organ in the future so that they can help patients (such as those with lung cancer etc). I learnt that anything is possible as long as you dream and persevere. I believe that with our advanced technology and our working scientists, they would be able to achieve this result in the future. 
3) 3D Printing is really difficult and can be made into a mould. The procedure is really complicated and long. It takes a lot of patience and skills to do it. Hence, we need to learn how to wait for the perfect moment to do something. In order for it to be of high quality, we need to do it slowly and carefully. 

2) How do you feel about the SST-NTU Flagship programme?
Overall, I felt that the programme was a rather eventful and beneficial one. This is so as through the programme, I have been exposed to the aspects that I do not usually visit. It has enriched my knowledge, as well as made a great impact to my life. Now, I can actually explore the many wonders of Science and the job opportunities it may offer.

Other than that, I feel that the programme has taught us responsibility, independence, teamwork and communication within a team. To be honest, at the start, I was not really close with my team members as I have never really worked with them before. After we had started working on the first experiment, we started to click and bond. Our experiment was a success due to the fact that there was teamwork and proper communication. Without the rest of the team members, we could not have produced such a great project, moreover, if we had just went our own way and did not ask our team members what they had wanted (opinions), they might have been distracted, slowing down the process. Hence, the importance of communication.

Lastly, it has taught us responsibility and discipline. We have learnt that we ought to follow the procedures and instructions when given out. When handling the equipment, we need to take full responsibility for it and take care of it (make sure it does not break/have any defects). Compounding that, when tasked to do reflections or like glue the fabrics together, we need to ensure our safety, as well as do our work. With great power (the opportunity given), comes great responsibility. We should treasure and cherish the chance that was given to us and make the most out of it. As the latin phrase goes, "Cape diem"; it means to seize the day! In a day, there are only 24 hours, you either use it or lose it forever, thus, we should seize the time given and make our projects a success!

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