Second Day!

1)  What did you do today?   
From the start we went to the Undergraduates Lab, to sit through a lecture regarding the Scanning Electron Microscope component. They told us that scanning the electron microscope was a complicated process (you need to vent the machine, then evacuate it). Electron microscopes were actually invented because light microscopes could not magnify up to a certain extent (like to the specimen's body parts etc) Anyway, as we did the experiment, we scanned the specimens of a sponge, a mosquito and an insect. Their intricate pictures were really cool and every part of them was so focused and magnified (as seen by the computer interlinked with the machine). 

Afterwards, we then worked on our presentations, compiling the information and details over the past day. Our presentation included our findings, what we learnt and what we did. Once we had added in all the details, we split up the parts and rehearsed. It was a rather fun and enjoyable time. Although our presentation had over 20 slides, we spent hard work on it and hoped for the best project award. In the end, after relentless times of presenting, it paid off as we knew what to say during the presentation process and how to engage the crowd. The other groups then presented their learning experiences at NTU. In the end, there was a clear victor. It was from group 4. I was pretty disappointed that we did not win as much preparation and effort was dedicated towards it. 

It was a pity that we did not have the opportunity to showcase our learning experiences to the whole school and win. Although we did not win, it was a fun learning experience and the knowledge imparted to us was truly enriching! I hope that in the future, we will do better and WIN! 

2)  What did you learn today?
I learnt that when working in a team (like these projects), it is rather important to have good communication skills, as well as having a strong bond in a team. You need to do things with each other, therefore, you should not just leave the work to one person or rather, slog it out all alone. We should learn to work together and deal with each other's strengths and weaknesses, overcoming the problems and thus, making the project a better one!

In the science industry, I have also acquired some knowledge. You need to use the correct scientific terms if not you would be marked wrong or rather you will lose out. If used appropriately, other people would be able to have a clearer understanding! Other than that, when conducting the experiments, we must be mindful that we do not break it and make it a point to follow the procedures with accuracy.

Lastly, when presenting the slides, I truly believe that we should have been more creative in showcasing out information to the audience, rather than the usual, boring way of presenting. I learnt that it is also important to captivate the audience's attention.

3) How do you feel about today’s activities? 
I felt really happy about today's activities as I have learnt something new and gained more knowledge. Other than that, the skills imparted to me can be used for my further endeavours. Through this whole NTU Flagship Programme, I have made a lot of friends and this has strengthened the bonds between us, students. 

This learning experience will always be with me for this lifetime. Other than that, what I gained from this journey is that we need to take set-backs and stand strong. Even if we do not succeed, there are other opportunities for us to shine bright. 

4) What new questions do you have regarding discipline? 
-What factors will influence someone's disciple? 
-If we do not follow a strict discipline scheme, what will the final outcome be?
-How can we improve our discipline?

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