Pre-camp Reflections

Questions to ponder about: 
1) What sounds interesting about this project?
For 08A, we are going to do the testing of tensile materials. In this activity, we will get to know to understand different mechanical properties of materials, observe how the three types of materials behave in their mechanical properties under the tensile and bend test. Another learning point is to understand the major factors which determine those mechanical properties.

I find this interesting as it allows us to understand the materials we actually use and see in our daily lives! We will be able to see which factors actually contribute to these properties, in this way, we will be able to develop such materials in the future, making it more durable etc. 

For 08B, we will be scanning the electron microscope. What I find interesting is that we will be able to use it, examining the particles or organisms. This microscope is no ordinary microscope you would find in your normal science laboratory. It is a large microscope, which is mainly made up of three parts; the electron gun, electron column and the specimen chamber. In this way, the specimen will be examined to the maximum! 

For 08C, we will be doing composite material processing. It is interesting as it will reveal the applications of composite materials in our daily lives and it will give us a good opportunity to know how to fabricate them, as well as to appreciate their mechanical properties. These materials may help us in the near future but they may be scarce at times, thus, it is our duty to fabricate them! This will impact the future!

2) What do you think you can learn from this project?
I can learn that about the composite materials and how we are able to fabricate and develop them, so that out country will be able to thrive and succeed. Other than that, I think that I will be able to learn how to work the electron microscope and how to scan the specimen, so that the details of it will be clearly shown to its best accuracy! Lastly, I believe that I will be able to learn about the properties of tensile materials and the factors that affect them. 

3) Any immediate questions regarding the project?
-Why there are variations in mechanical properties of materials of the same type?
-Why differences exist in mechanical properties of different materials? 
-When scanning the electron microscope, why are we not able to heat the filament too fast?
-Why does the working distance and accelerate voltage differ from material to material? What are the conditions for a material to have a smaller working distance and a higher accelerate voltage?

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